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Benestelle is Canada’s fast-rising gospel artiste with back to back hit songs that have and is blessing millions of people all over the world. had a chat with her and we are excited to bring you up close with this inspiring artiste.

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So Beneestelle, tell us about you: What do you want to know? (laughs) I am a young woman with a very creative mind and intense personality. I am very different and unique. To know me, one has to proceed like a rose: fall in love with me as a person without cause. As one gets to know me, it’s like going through the petals: the closer to get to the core of my personality, the more beauty you find.

I love anything that makes me think, I love excellence and I am almost a perfectionist. I love to cook, read and cartoons and being alone to meditate.
I love to tease others. Lol

Tell us about your musical foundation and ministry: I was always in the church and the music ministry. I always loved singing. So I was in the children’s choir from a tender age. Then I joined the ADB (African Development Bank) children’s choir as one of my parents worked there for 2 years.
Then I joined the music ministry in my local assembly at age 17 and have been there ever since. I gave myself to be taught of the Lord and my leaders in the choir and grew through various roles: choir member, praise team back up, then a worship leader, then a choir leader, and now a recording artist. I never left the church. I never functioned outside ministry to focus on just my career. I am currently still the choir leader in my church. I can’t imagine functioning for the Lord outside his house. 

Benestelle || 4
Benestelle || 4

Why did you choose gospel? I chose Gospel because the Lord told me to. It’s also where I find my strength and stamina, as well as my peace. And he wants to extend that to many around the world and gave me the voice for it.  

Are you signed to a label? Not currently. 

What sets you apart from the rest? The calling on my life. God doesn’t have duplicates. We are all originals & I am the only version of me. I am not here to convince people that Jesus Christ is the answer by force. He has graced me for it. When I sing, by virtue of the Lord’s assignment for me, my music gives you an experience that you can’t deny. I don’t just bring a song to make people feel good. My songs carry Him. I bring an atmosphere. 

Tell us your perception about gospel music in North America as against the globe: I believe the globe knows gospel music from the USA. There is a heavy presence and knowledge of American gospel music. As per the rest of the globe, we know gospel sounds from South Africa, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, the UK, etc… However, Canada still stands in a grey area. There is a huge growth opportunity for Canadians and even Mexicans. North America is vast with a lot of lands to be conquered. We are slowly stepping up.

What is the Church’s reaction to gospel music ministers? If the music is well executed and delivered, they are well received. People buy Gospel ministers music because it’s a place of escape and also home. Escape from the world and its circumstances to a place of hope, peace, strength. A place I call home because Christ is home. Many spend to go to Christian Concerts etc. They get excited to hear that their favorite gospel artist is in town. Because we can raise our hands, cry tears of joy, and worship to a place of peace, joy, and safety. And the Americans and their vocal runs! Glory! So awesome and beautiful (laughs) 

Which was your Biggest ministration event? Ministering with the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at Night of bliss in 2008 with about 5000 in attendance, as well as the Healing School annually from 2012 until 2017.  

How many singles have you released so far? So far 3. And they are amazing I tell you.  

Marital status? I am married to a King. 

Kids? An adorable prince for now.  

Who inspires you musically? The Holy Spirit. Then Kari Jobe, Elevation Worship, Maverick City, Sinach, Tasha Cobbs & Nathaniel Bassey.  

How much songwriting do you do? A lot (Giggles) I wrote all my songs and currently have 19. I do write for others. Everything is a song. 

Favorite musical instrument? The Mic! (Laughs) and the Bass 

Tell us about your best moments in life. Praying with my husband. Planning the future together and functioning together towards our calling in Christ, while helping as many people as we can to succeed and be happy. But the greatest are the priceless moments with my son and teaching him about Jesus. 

If you are 16 again, what will you do differently? Nothing. I had a Jesus addiction very early and at 16 I was probably the most reckless about it. Looking back, I lived powerfully for Jesus even though I knew not as much ad I know now, I did a lot.  

What are you most afraid of? Nothing. I refuse to acknowledge fear.  

Foreign and local collaboration? I collaborated with minister Priscilla Serwaa Boateng on a spectacular song, as well as minister Yemisi Ogunjimi on another. You saw Phoster & Jennel Divine also appear on my song Love of My Life. I do have some good things coming this year. I am eyeing a young man named Panebi Wilson. Do you know him? 

If None for now, have any plans? Lots! God never runs out of ideas, and we talk all the time so I am always planning with Him. The future is bright and very promising!  

Best song ever recorded: We Give You & Image of God.

We Give You || Benestelle ||

Rice or swallow? Steak & Salad. Couscous & steamed vegetables. (And a cup of coffee) 

Description of yourself in three words: Brilliant, Creative, very content.

If you were to ban one thing, What would that be? Selfishness. 

What’s the way forward for you? The horizon has many things on it and there is a lot of grace available for us this year. I plan to tap into it all year long and outdo my past. We need to tell everyone about Jesus and his saving grace. That’s the way forward. 



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