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At the beginning of 2020, many had great expectations but then the pandemic struck and lots of hopes hit the rock. Many had tagged the year a rollercoaster year and for gospel musicians, they were not left out as there were lots of gig cancellations as a result of the global pandemic and restrictions which followed.

In Spite of these all, we found out that some canadian artistes took advantage of the situation and even waxed stronger, releasing songs that served as encouragements to the christian and non christian communities as the world battled with the Covid – 19 Virus.

Today, we bring you the Praizenation.com 2020 TOP 10 CANADIAN GOSPEL ARTISTES who exude excellence by their music and other spiritual activities which gave hope to the hopeless and increased the spirituality of many.

We want to say a big Congratulations to all who made the list as we wish you a beautiful 2021.

NOW! Let the countdown Begin…..

10. Feyi who released “Nothing compares” featuring Cobe & Tos established that despite the uproars, Nothing Compared to the love and grace of God.

9. Tamara Boyes song “Strength to fight” became more relevant in 2020. It was a trying year and strength was needed more than ever before to fight all the pandemic brought our way.

8. Shade Kings Oyewusi brought the year to a close with a wonderful Christmas song “Joy To The World” ushering us into the festivities even as we all experienced our various restrictions.

7. Mo’Lola“Kabiyesi” which was released at the tail end of the year, was a song of supplication, asking God to do all He can do in 2020 trying time.

6. Minstrel Osas released a worship song “Yahweh” which indeed took our hearts away from the ciaos of the world and got it focused on the Lord.

5. Priscillasings released “Your Name” which established that the world needs the name of Jesus at every point in time.

4. We turned up with Inspired Franklin’s “Turn Up”

3. Benestelle brought us to the place of gratitude with the song “We Give You”.

2. Panebi Wilson came up with the worship song Everything Is You which also ushered us into the realm of unrestrained worship acknowledging the sufficiency of God in our everyday lives.

1. Jennifer Lewin is our No 1 Praizenation.com TOP 10 2020 CANADIAN GOSPEL ARTISTE with the song “Stay With Us”. This song is indeed the song for the year 2020 and we celebrate her and her ministry



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